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Take advantage
of HotelPoint’s PMS Hotel Software

Manage your daily hotel operations without any technical knowledge, with the help of our intuitive PMS.  Features including front desk system, operated calendar, housekeeping panel, automatic invoices, cash register, business reports and many more.
PMS Hotel Software

Interactive Calendar

Interactive Calendar a complete and user-customizable calendar for the management of manually inserted reservations. Along with the channel manager (optional), the reservations from the OTAs (e.g. are inserted automatically, while the room availability of them is updated in real-time.

Room Maintenance

Ability to mark one or more rooms in "maintenance" mode. Classification of the maintenance status in "Out of Order" or "Out of Service" so that in the second case the room availability is reduced, provided that the channel manager is used.

Professional Reports

Generate accurate financial, sales, and commission reports. Stay up-to-date on your sales estimates. Use reports to gain a deeper understanding of your business performance and make data driven decisions!

Guest Profiles and History

The better you know your guests, the better you can serve them. Optimize your guests’ experience together with your sales!

Housekeeping Panel

Use housekeeping lists to simplify your daily routine. Manage room status with just one click through our integrated dashboard.

Operating Expenses

Keep track of expenses year-round to maximize deductions, lower taxable income and save your Company’s money.

Access from Anywhere from Any Device

Modern hotel management software operates on the cloud, meaning it only needs an internet connection to operate and can be used on any device such as a desktop, laptop, or smartphone. The software also enables two-way communication between different features such as the front desk, channel manager, and booking engine, sharing data and updating automatically in real-time whenever you want to make changes.

Payment Tracker

Keeping track of according to the rates payments can be a challenge, particularly if the revenue-generating aspects of the business demand the bulk of your attention. Still, it's important to keep track of according to the rates payments because dropped payments can lead to future cash flow and credit problems. Tracking software helps small business owners keep track of according to the rates payments safely and securely, and it tends to be less labor intensive than the paper filing method.

Messaging App

Chat usage is growing exponentially and the amount of different channels available is overwhelming. Read and reply to messages from and Airbnb. More chat channels coming soon.

Unlimited Invoicing

Our invoicing tool automates and simplifies your Tax documents process on MyData.

Interactive Calendar
the heart of hotel operations

The Front Desk System is built around the calendar - designed for easy reviewing, to help you maximise occupancy.

  • Manage individual reservations
  • Move and Resize reservations
  • Quick check-in and check-out
  • Manage and apply restrictions
  • Split reservations
  • Availability chart
  • Create "Offers"
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How can HotelPoint help you?

  • automatically assign rooms for incoming reservations
  • customisable email templates
  • automatic cancellation & modification
  • MyData connection
  • automatic invoicing

that saves you hours a day

HotelPoint PMS hotel software is designed to empower you through automation. Leave routine administrative tasks to our software, and let your hotel personnel focus on doing what they do best, attending to guests.

PMS Hotel Software: Optimised Operating Features

  • Housekeeping Panel
  • Control Operating Expense
  • Open/Close Daily Cashier
  • Collect daily payments through Payment Tracker
  • Control Commission on OTA
  • Debtor's Ledger
  • Create Yearly Budget
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HotelPoint makes it easy to
switch to your new PMS Hotel Management System

Personalised Onboarding

Are you considering using a new hotel property management system, but switching from one hotel PMS software to another seems a bit complicated? No worries! At HotelPoint we are committed to help you during the whole transition process. Our dedicated trainers are here to put together a detailed training plan, tailored to your needs. All of the trainings are recorded and you can reach them in your HotelPoint account anytime, anywhere and you can share them with your team members!  If you have any questions, reach out to us via email, chat, phone or in Support Center.

Data Import

We know that after using a hotel PMS system for a while and then shifting to another may seem scary. With HotelPoint you don't have to be afraid of losing some essential information. You can import your reservations, guest data, prices and invoices with the help of our team. There is no limitation in importing data going back for several years, moreover the import of your Airbnb or reservations are totally automatic in HotelPoint!

Assistance in Channel Connections

Timing is important, especially when it comes to connecting your distribution channels to a new PMS hotel system. We will help you find the perfect moment to make this move and we also guide you through the reconnection process to make it as smooth as possible.